Haiti Photos Earn Washington Post Journalists Pulitzer

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Three Washington Post photographers were awarded the 2011 Pulitzer Prize on Monday in the category of breaking-news photography. Carol Guzy, Ricky Carioti and Nikki Kahn's heart-wrenching photos taken in Haiti after the devastating earthquake are what earned them the distinguished award.

"This award is an amazing tribute to the people of Haiti, the tenacity of the Haitian spirit and the profound sorrow the Haitian heart has had to endure," said the three photographers. "It's hard to celebrate an award for something that's so very sad."

The winning photos captured images of rescue missions, injured children and moments of deep despair. This is the first time that Carioti and Kahn have been honored, but it marks the third Pulitzer for Guzy. "We're just the link; we're not the important ones," said Guzy. "Though it's nice our work is recognized, it's never the ultimate goal. The important ones are the people in the stories, the people who know what's happening in that world."


The emotion and anguish caught in these photos are profound. The Haitian people are still living with this pain every day, but photographs like these taken by Guzy, Carioti and Kahn allow people around the world to get a glimpse of the Haitians' struggle and resilience.

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