Memorial at Capitol Hill for Tucson shooting victims


Arizona, as we now know, has almost no gun laws. No laws to protect children from adults who leave guns unlocked. No laws to require a license with a purchase. No laws to require mandatory reporting of stolen guns. No laws requiring fingerprinting, or the micro-stamping of guns. No laws limiting how many guns can be purchased every month. No laws requiring background checks for purchasing ammunition. No laws requiring that law enforcement have a say in who can carry concealed weapons, as Jared Loughner is accused of doing. No assault weapons restrictions, and no restrictions, as we sadly saw, on how many rounds can be in high-capacity magazines — magazines that declare and wage war on innocents.

I have learned that just about anybody can buy a gun from a private seller at a gun show without a Brady criminal background check. I've been to gun shows and bought guns. I even bought the same kind of gun that the Virginia Tech shooter used to shoot me and 48 other people that dark April morning.

What I learned at gun shows, and as a survivor of the madness that is gun violence, is part of a new documentary called Living for 32 — in memory of the 32 people killed every day from gun violence in our country, and the 32 killed at Virginia Tech.

Maybe crazy people will do crazy things. But why, I ask my country, my president, my representatives in Congress, why do we make it so damned easy?

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