Guess What? I Got In! Ferguson, Mo., Teen Gives Mom and Aunt a Morehouse Christmas Surprise

Shirley Gray and Lisa McDonald (@MVO_323 via Twitter)
Shirley Gray and Lisa McDonald (@MVO_323 via Twitter)

Let’s keep the good feelings from Christmas going, shall we? We need to carry ourselves into the new year with as many positive vibes as possible, and this will surely add to them.


Barrington Lincoln is a 17-year-old teenager from Ferguson, Mo. His mother, Lisa McDonald, worked long hours and night shifts so she could send him to private school. She and his aunt, Shirley Gray, were there for him and have stood by him since his sophomore year, when his father died from bone cancer, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

When Barrington got accepted to Morehouse College, the school of his dreams, he wanted to share that news with the two most important women in his life in a very special way.

On Christmas he presented both women with T-shirts as gifts. For his mother, the shirt read, “Morehouse Maroon Tigers Mom.” For his aunt, the shirt read, “Morehouse Maroon Tigers Aunt.”

Barrington captured the moment they opened their gifts on video. At first, both women were simply pleased with the shirts he’d given them, not understanding the significance.

When he explained that he had been accepted to the college, his mother fell back on the couch screaming, and his aunt stared at him in wide-eyed shock.

In an interview, Barrington said: “They’re the two most important ladies in my life, and they’ve just done so much for me in my lifetime. I just wanted to, not really reward them, but show them that everything they’ve done has paid off.”


Barrington said that his future plans include becoming a management consultant, and eventually the commissioner of the NBA.

I’m not crying; you are.


Read more at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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