Despite his apparent dissection from reality and a genral bad showing, I predict Gov. Bobby Jindal will be the GOP's Barack Obama, and not for nothing. Jindal is America's Uncle Taj: an Indian Uncle Tom who is way more deferential, intentionally blanched and non-threatening than Obama could ever be: Jindal is uncool, unsure, overeducated, earnest and eager to please and impress white folks. No wonder Rush Limbaugh loves him.

Jindal doesn't put alot of stock in his heritage, swapping out his Indian name for the first name of his favorite Brady. Jindal isn't an Indian American who just wants to be  seen as an American: Jindal is an Indian American who wants to be white. Embracing difference makes white folks nervous: any brown person who aspires to assimilating will get high marks. He channels a certain brand of sincere self-loathing heretofore only seen in golf caddies and Larry Elder.

If the GOP put Jindal out front stumping in 2012, it will almost certainly be a wrap for Obama.

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