GOP-Led States Work to Change Voting Laws Ahead of 2012

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (Google)
Florida Gov. Rick Scott (Google)

Ann Sanner of the Associated Press is reporting that after years of expanding when and how people can vote, state legislatures now under new Republican control are moving to trim early-voting days, beef up identification requirements and put new restrictions on how voters are notified about absentee ballots.


Democrats claim that their GOP counterparts are using midterm election wins to enforce changes favorable to Republicans ahead of the 2012 presidential election. They criticize such legislation, saying that it could lead to longer lines in Democratic-leaning urban areas and discourage people from voting.

Supporters say that bolstering ID rules helps prevent fraud. And at a time when counties face tough budgets, they contend that local election officials don't have the money to keep early-voting locations staffed and open.

While states typically adjust voting rules ahead of presidential elections, this year provides an opportunity for new Republican governors and GOP majorities to legislate on election issues.

Wow, the GOP is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to winning elections. They will stop at nothing — campaign 2000, anyone? — changing laws under the guise of protecting against fraud. We have a question: What is the recourse when the political party in power fradulently uses its ability to change voting laws in order to secure its political position?

Fraud? In the words of Ed Lover, "C'mon, son!" Perhaps we could understand trimming voting days, beefing up ID requirements and changing how people are notified about voting by absentee ballot if it made any sense. What sense does it make to have fewer voting days? Perhaps they now want a blood or fingerprint sample with IDs. A state-issued ID doesn't suffice? I mean, really.

Let's just keep it real for a second. Presidential elections should be paid national holidays in order to increase the number of people who vote, especially hourly workers. We don't need fewer days; we need more days. We know what's up. The GOP is going to need all the help it can get in 2012 with that lame lineup of presidential candidates.


Please don't blame the voting process, which you fail to respect anyway — it's insulting. Blame yourselves for handing over what was once a valid and productive political party to zealots and blowhards. Good luck in 2012. Despite changing the rules of the game in your favor, you're still going to need it.

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