GOP Group Drops Commercial Urging Fellow Republicans to Impeach Trump: 'Republicans Should Study the Lessons of Watergate' [Corrected]

People participate in a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump on Veterans Day on November 11, 2019 in New York City.
People participate in a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump on Veterans Day on November 11, 2019 in New York City.
Photo: Stephanie Keith (Getty Images)

The rumors are true: In the near future, Donald Trump could very well be impeached.

But before we hurl confetti or pummel Trump piñatas to celebrate this momentous occasion, there are still impeachment proceedings that must run their course. And, according to Huffington Post, with these public hearings set to begin this week, a group of renegades is putting the lean on GOP lawmakers to boot our Commander-in-Tweet out of office—and surprise! They’re Republicans.


On their website, the Republicans for the Rule of Law describe themselves as “dedicated to defending the institutions of our republic” and committed to “fighting to make sure that the laws apply equally to everyone, from the average citizen to the president of the United States.” To that end, they just dropped a new ad, entitled “History is Watching,” in which they provide a not-so-subtle reminder that Republicans such as former Reps. Lawrence Hogan, Harold Froehlich, and M. Caldwell Butler were instrumental in forcing President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

The one-minute video is a montage of Hogan, Froehlich, and Butler dismantling Nixon in front of the Judiciary Committee in 1974.

“I’m a Republican,” Hogan begins. “It isn’t easy for me to align myself against the president. But it’s impossible for me to condone or ignore the long train of abuses to which he has subjected the presidency and the people of this country.”

It’s powerful stuff.

The ad will run on Wednesday morning—the day the public hearings are set to begin—in Washington during Trump’s favorite show, Fox & Friends. It will also be “promoted digitally in the home districts of GOP lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee.”


This isn’t the first time the Republicans for the Rule of Law licked a shot Trump’s way either. In October, they came for The Notorious T.O.U.P.E.E. with an ad quoting his right-hand man, Vice President Mike Pence.


“History has not been kind to their colleagues who buried their heads in the sand and refused to acknowledge the facts,” Chris Truax, the group’s spokesperson, said. “Republicans should study the lessons of Watergate very closely.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Your move, GOP. The world is watching.

Correction: 11/12/19, 11:46 p.m.: The public impeachment hearings begin on Wednesday. The story has been updated.

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I often wonder how the Nixon impeachment would have gone if Facebook, Russian trolls, and an entire TV propaganda network devoted to spurious logic were around back then.