GOP Congressional Staffer, Who Was Reportedly Arrested as a Teen, Quits After Slamming Obama Girls

Elizabeth Lauten

It’s a timeless adage: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But Republican congressional staffer Elizabeth Lauten apparently never got that memo. She formally resigned on Monday after her comments about Malia and Sasha Obama went viral.

Lauten, previously the communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-Tenn.), came under fire this weekend after she took to Facebook to air her grievances over what she considered disrespect shown by Malia and Sasha Obama.


On Facebook, Lauten wrote this:

Many news outlets had jokingly chided the Obama daughters for their visible teenage contempt during President Obama’s annual turkey pardoning.

A turkey pardoning is nothing if not classy.

For what it’s worth, Lauten knows firsthand about being “classless” during one’s teenage years. According to the Smoking Gun, Lauten was arrested at 17 for shoplifting from a Belk department store in her North Carolina hometown.


In the end, this is a valuable lesson in keeping it cute or putting it on mute.

Read more at the Smoking Gun.


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