Illustration for article titled Google-Verizon Deal Not Good for Black and Latino Web Users

Google and Verizon coming together may not be such a good thing for black and brown communities. Under the agreement, Google's content will have priority on some parts of Verizon's networks, which means that those on the Verizon network will have to get in line behind Google users. While people are talking about the digital divide, Net neutrality is an emerging issue highlighted by this deal. It is the idea that all content on the Web is equal regardless of who is behind it — i.e., whether Google or Googy in the basement in Omaha. Google says that it's not discriminating against users, just content type. Uh-huh. We are not sure why people think there's going to be "equal content" and "equal access" on the Web when that doesn't exist in traditional forms of technology — or society, for that matter. The same systems of access are replicated in all institutions. Like it or not, the Web is now officially an institution. Still think that R&B legend Prince is crazy when he said that he's over the Web?

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—Nsenga K. Burton


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