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Author Donnell Alexander unravels the life and legacy of the legendary Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis — whose all-star status in the major leagues made headlines for one very unorthodox reason — in the iBook Beyond Ellis D

Long before steroids hit the field, Dock Ellis gained notoriety for a June 1970 game against San Diego, when the starting Pirates pitcher landed a no-hitter game while under the influence of LSD. The odd event catapulted Ellis into popular culture while adding to the mysticism of the drug. 


Just in time for the 42nd anniversary of Ellis' trip-influenced no-hitter, Alexander goes beyond the event, analyzing the interesting and eccentric life of Ellis, on and off the field. Beyond Ellis D comes after the release of the notable animated shorts Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No and Superfly Spitball, both of which use voice footage of Ellis chatting about his LSD experience during a 1970s interview conducted by Alexander. The three-part Superfly Spitball is also included in Alexander's interactive Beyond Ellis D iBook. You can watch Part 1 of the series short below. 

Alexander's Beyond Ellis D is now available through the iTunes store. 

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