Glenn Beck Downplays Slavery

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck

Apparently Glenn Beck's infatuation with black history extends to slavery. On the Oct. 1 broadcast of The Glenn Beck Program, Beck stated that slavery "started with seemingly innocent ideas." Come again? What's even more ridiculous than the comment is how he got there, rambling from one point to the next. He was attempting to deconstruct President Obama and borrow from the president's comments on patience. Obama used slavery as an example of having patience at a time when it seems the world has gone mad. Somehow, Beck took that comment and meandered to comments on slavery that don't even support the point he was trying to make. Eventually he got to it, but only after some major gaffes about slavery. He wanted to know if folks are in the business of being slaves or freeing slaves as it relates to health care reform and the economy. Beck undermines the question and himself by pretending that slavery just appeared from out of nowhere. Poof — slavery. Yeah, not so much. Even though his thoughts are real, his facts are not. Beck's point that slavery started out as this innocuous thing that turned into this monster is a false one.


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