Glenn Beck: 'African American' Is 'Stupid'

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck

Poor Glenn Beck. He's been thoroughly confused, and made to feel "afraid" and "bad" by the use of the term "African American." By the sounds of a recent rant on his radio show, he really can't take it anymore. Highlights of the commentary included the following:

Didn't you feel ridiculously stupid everywhere in Africa, in Europe, in South America, in Jerusalem, when you would say the word "African American" … It doesn't apply! How can people be something one place and not anywhere else in the world!? (Um, perhaps because race is a social construct, and terms used to describe it will differ in places with different histories and social realities?)


In South America, no, South Africa, it's "black" and "colored" … I don't remember the difference, but there is a difference … maybe it was "colored" that was also like "Indian" or elsewhere … " (OK, now we're confused!)

Finally, he wraps up with the conspiracy of the day:

"African American" was a term invented to make black people feel like "Superman" and to make Americans afraid to speak with each other, for fear of offending. (Right, that was exactly it.)


There's plenty of room for debate (even within the black community) about which terminology is most appropriate. But something tells us that if Beck really wants to see "African American" make its way to the "outdated and offensive" list, his best plan would be to continue using it. 

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