'Glad I Wasn't Born Black. I Would Kill Myself': Michigan Cop Under Investigation Over Racist AF Facebook Posts

Another day, another racist police officer who doesn't understand that everyone can see what they post on social media, and it can cost them their job.

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Screenshot: News 4 Detroit

A man who has been identified as a Warren, Mich., police officer is under investigation after racist AF Facebook comments that he was alleged to have authored were exposed by a Black woman, who rightfully decided that a white supremacist with a badge and gun probably shouldn’t be patrolling the streets. It’s worth mentioning that it was a media-reported act of alleged police brutality that got the officer deep in his white and blue feelings in the first place.


WDIV 4 Detroit reports that the unnamed officer in question is alleged to have said on Facebook that Black people are “the biggest racist people in the world,” just before going on to list several Black stereotypes that white people believe is true because, well, they’re actually the “biggest racist people in the world.”

The Klan-ish cop allegedly wrote that every Black child’s ambition is “to either be a rapper or a basketball player or a drug dealer,” that Black fathers aren’t there for their children and blah, blah, blah, Black-on-Black crime, yadda, yadda, yadda. (At this point, when white people launch into these stale-ass white supremacist talking points, they all start to sound like adult characters in Charlie Brown cartoons to me.)

Then, of course, there was the line that serves as the magnum opus of this cop’s caucasity: “Glad I wasn’t born [Black]. I would kill myself.”

Obvious racism aside, let’s follow the logic of that last line.

This man believes all of these things about Black people—which are demonstrably untrue—so wholeheartedly that he thinks that, as an individual, he would have to die by suicide if he were born Black lest he fall victim to the uncontrollable nature of negroes.

First of all, if this guy were born Black, he’d be Candace Owens. Secondly, if he hates Black people so much that he’d rather die than be Black, maybe his claim that we are the world’s most racist people is just pure projection.

Anyway, Tamia Brooks, who saw the Facebook comments, was having none of the officer’s neo-Nazi fuck shit and she outed his ass to the Warren Police Department.


“I was like ‘Wow, he really said all this stuff and he really thinks this,’” Brooks told WDIV. “This is a cop. You are supposed to protect us. I don’t know if it’s just him who really thinks this about us.”

Brooks said that the department got back to her immediately and Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer confirmed in a statement that the department was made aware of the now-deleted Facebook comments Monday and that an internal affairs investigation is underway.


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

These mofos.

This is proof that the hiring practices for cops need to be tossed in the fire and revamped everywhere. This motherfucker said this shit during a time when it’s very, very clear that P.D’s are tossing idiots like this left and right under the bus because they have enough awareness to realize that if they don’t, they will continue to attract attention that may bring to light the sort of fuckery that PoC already know of.

Yet they are so high on racism that they keep on acting as if all is well. Folks that motherfucking stupid can not be good officers, nor can be counted on to ensure that when shit hits the fan that they won’t make things worse.

Yet again, they keep right on doing this shit, even as the bus plows over the other stupid motherfuckers who just got tossed under. It is awe-inspiring in a fashion that should make clear that the police can not be counted on to do their damned jobs and keep the racist bullshit out of public view.