Girl Who Was Bullied Found Hanged


The blogosphere is up in arms over the death of 10-year-old Jasmine McClain, whose mother, Samantha West, found her hanged. Chadburn, N.C., police were set to rule the death a suicide when they were alerted by McClain's schoolmates on Facebook that the girl had been badly bullied at school. The Daily Mail reports that Chadbourn Police Chief Steven Shaw said, "Children started coming forward and making accusations that she was bullied — and bullied bad — in school."

The child's mother described her as "sweet and fun-loving" and said she was unaware that Jasmine was so tormented by bullying at her local elementary school. West says that Jasmine took her last breath in her arms. She added, "It's a shame that kids are that cruel."

Can you say "enough is enough"? How many times are we going to read about a child taking his or her life over being bullied before something is done about it? The state of North Carolina has two anti-bullying laws on the books — one that targets online bullying and the other that targets school systems. Are the laws working?


What is going on in schools where children are being allowed to be bullied and tormented to such an extent that they would rather be dead? Ten years is a very short time on Earth, and why must someone's childhood be rife with pain and anguish during that short period? Hopefully little Jasmine will find the peace that eluded her while on Earth.

Read more at the the Daily Mail.

In other news: Heavy D Funeral Today at Historic Church.

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