BV Money's Gina McCauley poses a very real scenario: Suppose black women got tired of the litany of bad statistics and frequent character assassination in popular culture and decided to throw up the deuce? What if they walked away and took all of their resources with them? McCauley suggests that the black church, civil rights organizations and consumer-goods companies would fold. In pondering this question, McCauley intimates that the world community, not just the black community, refuses to honor or value black women while simultaneously benefiting from our economic resources, deeds and commitment to the African-American community. What would happen? This is not a new argument — it has been discussed by feminists and womanists for decades. Really, black women who have been socialized, largely by other black women, to put their needs behind the needs of all others would have to engage in a radical shift in thinking. We're not sure that would happen. As for forming a matriarchal society? Aren't we already functioning as one? We just don't have the title. What do you think?

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