'Get Your Hand Out of My Pocket': Dr. Dre References Divorce Proceedings and Aneurysm in New Song

Dr. Dre, left, and Nicole Young arrive at the City of Hope Gala on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018.
Dr. Dre, left, and Nicole Young arrive at the City of Hope Gala on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018.
Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP (AP)

Dr. Dre is back in the studio—and it looks like he is intentionally using art to imitate life.


According to Complex, DJ Silk recently previewed an unreleased song on Instagram Live by Dre featuring Long Beach rapper and former Slaughterhouse member KXNG Crooked. One particular set of lyrics appears to reference both his divorce proceedings with Nicole Young and the time he spent in the hospital after suffering an aneurysm.

DJ Silk plays the new KXNG Crooked x Dr. Dre collab (New 2021) / YouTube

The bars are as follows: “Trying to kill me with them lies and that perjury/ICU/I see you tryna fuck me while I’m in surgery. ...You know we don’t tolerate that nonsense/By any means get your hand out of my pocket.”

The lyrics imply that it was the stress from the proceedings that contributed to the 56-year-old rapper-producer’s health scare. Of course, with most celebrity or otherwise high-profile divorces, the money involved is typically the talk of the town. In Dre’s case, Young is demanding approximately $2 million a month in spousal support. Earlier this year, Dre decided to provide temporary spousal support in that amount.

With that last line in the new song, it would actually make more sense—and be less petty—if he were talking about the four suspects who legit had their hands in his pocket trying to steal shit from his home while he was mending in the hospital.


While most of the focus is on the costly outcome of this divorce, it is highly significant to note Young’s abuse claims against her estranged husband. Young filed court documents obtained by ET shortly after Dre’s spousal support agreement, claiming that Dre held a gun to her head on two different occasions—once in 2000 and another time in 2001. Further, she claimed the rapper punched her in the head and face twice, and in 2016, when she was trying to hide “from his rage,” he kicked down her bedroom door. In previous filings, Dre said, “At no time did I abuse Nicole or threaten her physical safety.”

“I have also offered extensive and painful testimony about Andre’s relentless campaign of abuse and control over me for more than half of my life,” Young said, noting that she currently suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome. “It is misleading, revolting and insulting for Andre to suggest that I have not been abused because, as a victim of relentless abuse and isolation, I did not create and maintain a contemporaneous record of abuse inflicted on me.”


Additionally, Young reportedly filed docs in the past few days to allow her access to their marital home so she can retrieve her personal belongings. With this new song potentially making things even messier, we’ll see how everything pans out...

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Oh, does he want to write songs this about a ho’ he don’t love no mo’?! A white one with whom he didn’t dare build a relationship without legitimizing with a ring and retirement plan? Is this the one he expected to come running to see about him, despite divorcing, when sickness and ill-health befell him?

I’m not bobbing my head to it.