Georgia Police Chief Defends Arrest of 12-Year-Old Selling Mixtapes at the Mall

Screenshot: Twitter (Simar)

A Cobb County police chief defended the actions of a brave police officer who heroically apprehended a 12-year-old black boy after the child criminal curiously assumed it was OK to sell stuff at a place where people go to buy stuff.

WSB-TV reports that Cobb County, Georgia’s police chief Michael Register said the officer who arrested rapper and entrepreneur Corey Jackson, who goes by the name of Lil’ C-Note, didn’t do anything wrong when the cop arrested the 12-year-old for trying to sell his CD at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta.


Register claims Lil C-note “became combative” when a security guard approached, so the guard alerted an off-duty cop who loves his job so much that he just happened to be at the mall in full uniform.

The chief claims Jackson tried to bend the officer’s fingers and punch or push the officer in the chest, noting that none of this was caught on the now-viral video but trust me, you can totally take the cop’s word for it. Register added that Lil C-Note has been caught 3 times selling his CD on the premises, obstructing the profits of the zero other stores that sell CDs at Cumberland Mall.

“He told the police officer, ‘I don’t have to speak with you. I know my rights,’” said Register. I’m sure chief Register meant to add that Corey actually didn’t have to speak to the officer and that a kid knowing his rights was a good thing, but somehow Register forgot that part.


As for the aunt who went Super Saiyauntie on the poor police officer who was only armed with a Taser, handcuffs, a nightstick, pepper spray and the full authority of Cobb County, Register says he wish Auntie “You Not Finna...” would have acted more appropriately.

“I wish the aunt, who is an adult, would simply have tried to de-escalate the situation,” Register said.


Meanwhile, Lil C-Note took to Instagram to assure all of his fans who met him at the food court that he was ok.


Register says the officer is still on duty, but has gotten death threats, and had to shut down all of his social media accounts.

Although The Root could not confirm whether Lil C-Note’s mixtape was fire, I guess when it comes to police brutality and the preteen rapper’s legion of fans...


The C-Note Clan ain’t nothing to fuck with.

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