Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp: I Totally Messed Up Reopening the State, Growing Outbreak Is Stressing Resources

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Notorious thief and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp—who successfully stole the governorship from America’s darling and possibly Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick, Stacey Abrams—warned Tuesday that he might be dumber than the current president.


Remember it was Kemp who walked out to a podium in front of God and errbody and said, in April—April!—that he just learned that coronavirus could be spread by people with no symptoms. Atlanta isn’t just the home of some of the greatest rappers, it’s also the home to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nine miles from the governor’s mansion. And it was Kemp who ran out here bucket-ass-naked to reopen his state despite reports that the last thing Georgia should be doing is lifting a shelter-in-place order when coronavirus cases and deaths were still on the rise in the state. And it was Kemp who targeted the black community by opening nail salons, barber shops, and hair salons, knowing that it was damn near impossible for black people to go around their own homes looking like werewolves.

Managing Editor Genetta Adams: Stephen, we cannot say Kemp targeted black folks by starting with these places.

Me: Did you know that B.A.P.S. was a documentary about two Georgia waitresses?

GA: What? That wasn’t a document….

Me: Good day!

Well on Tuesday—and I’m paraphrasing a bit here—it was Kemp who came out and said, I’m totally a fucking idiot and now, because I opened the state up too soon and exposed people to the coronavirus, northeast Georgia is stressing resources because I’m totally a fucking idiot!

“They’re being stressed pretty hard up there at the moment,” Kemp said Tuesday while visiting a temporary medical pod in Albany “one of the state’s earliest and worst hot spots for COVID-19,” WABE reports. It should be noted that Albany, Ga. is 73.5 percent black.

WABE reports that some 30,000 Georgians have tested positive for coronavirus infections and some 1,300 have died.


“Gainesville, a city about 50 miles northeast of Atlanta that is synonymous with Georgia’s large poultry industry, is quickly becoming one of the state’s most affected areas,” WABE reports.

While Kemp won’t admit it, he was anxious to reopen the state to appease Trump. Like an IG “model” or an evil king, the Trump regime thrives on likes and gifts and praise, and Kemp ran out here like the idiot he is trying to show Trump that he was a good lapdog. Kemp’s company line is claiming that his reopening of Georgia was backed by experts and data, which he must’ve gotten from a right-wing publication, considering that all reputable scientists warned against reopening the state.


And now parts of the state are being overrun with people wanting to get tested, which has led to results being backlogged.

From WABE:

Although there have been one-day totals that were higher, the total number of tests reported each day in Georgia has averaged between 7,000 and 8,000 a day in the past week. That’s nearly double what the state was averaging when Kemp started his push to expand testing. The state has reached Public Health Commissioner Kathleen Toomey’s stated goal of getting to 200,000 total tests.

But efforts to expand testing are showing strain, with mobile testing sites paused this week because of problems with information flow and reporting results to those tested.

Dr. Philip Coule, chief medical officer of Augusta University Health, said on Tuesday that full mobile testing was unlikely to resume until Thursday. He said about 2,000 test results — about two days’ worth — are backlogged.


Yes, they are working to get testing back up to speed, but this could’ve been avoided had Kemp not opened the state up so soon. While no one knows when, or if, this pandemic will end, one thing is crystal clear: Gov. Brian Kemp is a fucking idiot.



How does Trump’s ass taste?