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Richard Bord

George Zimmerman wants to teach Kanye West a lesson and have a go at him in the boxing ring, because of the rapper's supposed history of attacking “defenseless people,” the Huffington Post reports.

This is not a joke.

According to the Huffington Post, promoters for the upcoming boxing match between Zimmerman and a still-unknown opponent told TMZ that Zimmerman wanted to box West because of the rapper’s supposed history of attacking others, including members of the paparazzi and the teenager who called the star the n-word.


Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman told the news site that West's people have been contacted about the match.

"All these rappers are saying that they want to fight [Zimmerman]," he said. "So, we'll see who comes on board."

And Zimmerman is ready for any such battle, apparently.

"He's entertaining the thought of it," Feldman said. "He's boxing-training every day, he said. He's open to fight anybody, but we'll pick whoever is best."


The Game and DMX are other rappers who have expressed interest in battling Zimmerman in the ring. The Game has publicly stated that if given the chance he would “beat the f—k” out of Zimmerman.

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