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George Sodoni Felt Slighted by Interracial Romance

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I blogged earlier today about George Sodini and the LA Fitness slayings. Even though I'm still disturbed by the idea of a gunman walking into a gym and killing innocent women, I thought I was finished meditating on mass-murder for the day.  Now Jill Tubman over at Jack & Jill Politics has brought something else to my attention: George Sodini's first blog was dated the day after Barack Obama was elected the first black president.  The blog reads as follows:

November 5, 2008:

Planned to do this in the summer but figure to stick around to see the election outcome. This particular one got so much attention and I was just curious. Not like I give a flying fcuk who won, since this exit plan was already planned. Good luck to Obama! He will be successful. The liberal media LOVES him. Amerika has chosen The Black Man. Good! In light of this I got ideas outside of Obama's plans for the economy and such. Here it is: Every black man should get a young white girl hoe to hone up on. Kinda a reverse indentured servitude thing. Long ago, many a older white male landowner had a young Negro wench girl for his desires. Bout' time tables are turned on that shit. Besides, dem young white hoez dig da bruthrs! LOL. More so than they dig the white dudes! Every daddy know when he sends his little girl to college, she be bangin a bruthr real good. I saw it. "Not my little girl", daddy says! (Yeah right!!) Black dudes have thier choice of best white hoez. You do the math, there are enough young white so all the brothers can each have one for 3 or 6 months or so.

I don't know what to think.  Well, I do, but it's much more interesting to provoke conversation than be annoyingly didactic.  George Sodoni was obviously criminally disturbed.  But it appears his venom toward women was not so simple.  His sardonic blog suggests that a part of his outrage toward white women was their so-called sexual interest in black men.  His blog suggests that he viewed Obama's election as an example of liberal white women's diminishing interest in white men.  Sodoni's blog suggests that although he was determined to kill before the November 4 election, Obama's presidency stoked the fire of a homicidal white man afraid he was being absorbed into the ethers.


I know there's nothing you could do about crazy [or racism in some corners] but to point it out and hope it's not dealt with over a glass of beer.  But, lately, crazy seems to be popping up more and more, with much more aggression.  The truth is:  American history has showed us that black men have been mutilated, imprisoned by the larger culture for dating or even looking at white women.  [I just blogged about boxer Jack Johnson and his imprisonment yesterday.]  So, except for the cases in 17th and 18th century America where white indentured women were flogged for having relations with "Negro" men, the crazy of white male revenge on black-loving white women is rarely discussed.  Well, maybe it's time to discuss it.  Four white women are dead in Pittsburgh. Dead at the hands of a white gunman who possibly felt trumped by black men.


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