George Lopez Kicks Black Woman Out of Show Who Didn’t Laugh at Anti-Black Joke

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Consulate General Of Israel
Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Consulate General Of Israel

George Lopez, a man I usually describe as the Mexican Steve Harvey, went off on a black woman during his Phoenix show Sunday night after she threw up her middle finger when he told a black joke.


“There’s still two rules in the fucking Latino family,” Lopez had said. “Don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our house.”

Many people in the audience laughed at the joke, but the woman who was front and center caught Lopez’s attention when she flipped him the bird. And, apparently, that was all it took to set Lopez off.

“Sit your fucking ass down. I’m talking, bitch. Sit your fucking ass down,” Lopez yelled. “You paid to see a show. Sit your ass down. You can’t take a joke, you’re in the wrong motherfucking place.”

After his tirade, Lopez had the woman and her friends escorted out of the show.

Of course, there are those people putting Lopez on blast for the way he treated the woman, and others who feel that if you can’t take jokes, then stay out of the comedy club.


A racist joke is a racist joke, and yes, Lopez’s brand of humor does include jokes about Mexicans and black people. I mean, it’s his version of the low-hanging fruit. If not for black or Hispanic people, would he have anything to joke about? But the way he treated the woman was a bit uncalled for—though, then again, I’d be upset about pulling a 10-year-old joke out of the joke bag and someone not liking it, too. Where’s Carlos Mencia when you need him to steal a joke—so it’ll never be used again?




The joke was racist.

And the way he treated the woman after the fact was narcissistic grandstanding.

George Lopez sucks.