Gary Coleman's 911 Call

Gary Coleman's panicked wife initially balked at helping him after he suffered an apparent head injury that left him bloodied, according to her 911 call.

Shannon Price, 24, tells the operator that Coleman was stricken while preparing her something to eat the evening of May 26 downstairs in their Santaquin, Utah, home.


"He just got home, I heard this big bang, I went downstairs. Blood everywhere," she says. "I don't know if he's OK. I'm not down there right now because I have seizures, if I get stressed out I'm going to seize."

Price says Coleman had fallen. "His head is bloody. There's blood all over the floor. I don't know what happened," she says. The operator asks, "Is there any way you can go down there at all?" Price replies, "I'll try, I don't know, I mean…"


Source: CNN

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