Game, ‘Scarfs’: Our Favorite NBA Face-Off of the Season Might Be Serge Ibaka and OG Anunoby’s Fashion Feud

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“I put you on how to dress,” OG Anunoby told fellow Toronto Raptor and avowed fashion-lover Serge Ibaka in a recent episode of Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew’s Avec Classe—a fashion web series hosted by Ibaka.


“You put me on?” Ibaka asked, with an incredulous laugh. After all, we’ve been checking Ibaka’s style game (and cheekbones, and pecs, and...) for years. But Anunoby, now in his third year with the Raptors, further challenged the veteran player on his fashion savvy, accusing Ibaka of appropriating—wait for it—his scarf game. In fact, after accusing Ibaka of biting his style, Anunoby specifically and repeatedly asked, “But what about scarfs?”

Yes. “Scarfs.” We’ll henceforth be using this innovative new plural form, as well.

“You saw me in my scarf, you were like, ‘That scarf’s fire, I’m gonna get one too,’ and then you got one,” Anunoby recounts. “And the next time, when I was wearing mine, you had one too, and you act like you did it first, but I had the scarf first.”

For ironic context, the purpose of Anunoby’s appearance on Avec Classe was a shopping trip to address his occasionally errant style, which might be why an indignant Ibaka not only maintained that he’s been about this scarf life but that:

“I don’t dress, man. I do art, bro!”

The rest is a style-lover’s comedy, which you can watch below.

But what’s even more hilarious? The “scarf-off” the two players staged ahead of Wednesday’s game against the Indiana Pacers, bringing this particular NBA rivalry to absurd new heights lengths. Was it ridiculous? Absolutely. Were we here for it? ABSOLUTELY.

Who wore it best?


Have we declared a winner in the NBA Scarf Playoff Finals? Well, you kinda had us at “Serge,” but...for real, you had us, Serge. In fact, Ibaka scored the winning shot of the night in a one-point triumph over the Pacers in what turned out to be a record-setting game. Was it the power of the scarf? Maybe. Was it art? Definitely.

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