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Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade Among Celebrities to Cover Funeral Costs for Nigel Shelby

Illustration for article titled Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade Among Celebrities to Cover Funeral Costs for Nigel Shelby
Screenshot: @UClaiminYouReal (Twitter)

A number of celebrities including Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade, Ludacris and Janelle Monáe helped to cover the costs of the funeral for Nigel Shelby, the 15-year-old teenager who died by suicide after anti-LGBTQ bullying.


The amount of money that was donated remains undisclosed, but Slutty Vegan restauranteur Pinky Cole and media mogul in the making Lena Waithe recruited their famous friends to ease the unexpected financial burden by providing Shelby with a proper send-off.


TMZ reports that the homegoing celebration occurred on April 27 and featured a colorful casket wrapped in butterflies and rainbows to honor his memory. Attendees also wore a similar color palette.

Nigel’s mother, Camika, said that Nigel had suffered from depression and struggled with acceptance and his identity. The money that was raised covered Nigel’s tombstone, funeral service and an undisclosed amount to support Camika.


“Today I got the opportunity to celebrate the life of Nigel Shelby,” Cole posted on Instagram. “I pray that no other child will ever have to endure what this young baby dealt with. We gotta love on our own! Check on your friends and loved ones. You never know what someone is going through. #ripnigel”

Nigel’s memorial service was held at Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

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mrs oh'please

I’m tired of children dying.

I’m tired of bullies.

I’m tired of bullies of all ages always getting away with shit.

What the hell do all of these bullies do after their victim dies?

Honestly how do they go find new victims? Does their momma & daddy just turn the other cheek until their child causes someone else to die? Do their classmates ever turn on them & whoop their ass? What the hell do the teachers do after one of their students dies because of bullying. Does the shit even go on their permanent record. That moment of silence ain’t enough.

I don’t care if the bully is in 3rd grade, high school or at the job, what’s the after math for them do they feel in any regret or pain?

Because I sure as hell hope they do.

I believe in forgiveness but not forgetting. Forgiveness is between the victim & the man upstairs. If I can’t see some real remorse in someone I hope they can’t forget what they’ve done.

I know nobody reading this can answer those questions but I just wonder does anybody else question what’s the aftermath for a bully who causes death?