Shanice Weaver and Jonathan Bankston 

If you're on the run (and not in the Beyoncé-Jay Z kind of way) from the police, you might not want to boast and brag online while detailing your activities. Some might see this as common sense, but for accused College Park, Ga., fugitives Shanice Weaver and Jonathan Bankston … not so much, 11 Alive reports.

Georgia police had been searching for the pair since late June for the shooting of Marquel Dalcoe, but they weren't so hush-hush; instead they mocked the authorities for days on social media. On Thursday they were finally caught in Los Angeles, the news site notes, while having lunch.


According to 11 Alive, the pair boasted about getting tattoos and pedicures on Weaver's Instagram account, which was open to at least 317 followers—minus the cops, of course.

They routinely insulted the police, as well as relatives and friends of Dalcoe, who is also the father of Weaver's two children.

"I don't even understand the vitriol that she has toward our family," Michael Dalcoe, Marquel Dalcoe's father, told the station. "I personally have never said anything negative about Shanice. I don't know her well; we don't have a personal relationship. All I knew of her was that she was the mother of my grandchildren, my granddaughters."


On the day of the shooting, during an argument at a gas station, Weaver reportedly demanded that Bankston shoot Marquel Dalcoe.

"The one male went back to the car," College Park Police Maj. E.W. Strozier said. "The female gave him a gun. [Bankston] went back and shot the other male several times and got back in the car and fled the scene."

Dalcoe, who almost died in the incident, had to have his legs amputated because of blood loss.


"He lost so much blood," Michael Dalcoe said. "He had no blood flow to his extremities. First they thought it would be one [leg], but it ended up being both. And it's tragic because he's a phenomenal drummer, a born drummer, who's been playing drums since he was 4 years old."

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