HP: Still Very Real in the Field: 60 Dead Today in Iraq

GDN: US Will Set Up Facebook Page, Tag Themselves in Prison Abuse Photos

AJE: According to UN, Nearly 6,500 Killed in Sri Lankan Civil in Three Months

WP: Ford Burns Less Cash, Only Posts $1.4B Loss (Take That, Recession!)

AP: Myrtle Beach Wildfires Worst in 30 Years; College Seniors Fear for Drunken Reverie


Politico: Obama First 'Hip' President; All Others Were Squares, Daddy-o

NYDN: Black, Latino Males More Likely to be Placed in Special-Ed Classes

BET: How Bad is Job Market for '09 Grads? Pretty

ESPN: Boozer Leads Jazz to Win (Where Was This Fight During that Indiana Final Four Game?)

DB: Stanley Crouch Thinks 'Tyson' Documentary Is the Jump-Off; Buzz Inclined to Agree

BS: BET to Launch New Network Targeting Older Audience, Acknowledges BET Is Lost Cause


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