HuffPo: Jon Stewart Ethers Jim Cramer. The End.

USA Today: The Rock Making Splash in Family Films, Up for O'Shea Jackson Award

Deadspin: Barkey Wants to Punch Rush, Everyone Says "Back of the Line, Fella"

AJC: BeBe Winans Accused of Assault, CeCe, DeDe, and EeEe Devastated

NYT: Maxine Waters Tries to Help Bank and Self, Forgot She's Not on Wall Street

LAT: Shave and a Check-Up, Two Bits

NY Daily News: Obama Says Economy Looks Worse Than It Is, Like the Spanish Influenza


AP: NAACP Says Banks Steered Blacks to Bad Loans; Buzz Says…Yup

AP: AARP Names First Black CEO; Benefits Include Unlimited Early Bird Specials

CNN: Chrihanna Record Duet; Charity Boxing Match in the Works

BBC: Obama Renews Sanctions on Iran; GOP Looking for Something New to be Mad About


Al Jazeera: Aid Workers Captured in Darfur, Bashir Likely to Act Brand New

Politico: S.C. Gov. Compares Obama Economic Policies to Zimbabwe; Gets F Minus

Keeping Up With the Huxtables: 10 Ways to Enhance Your Spring Look, Step 1: Bailout Trousers

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