#FreeTory: Tory Lanez Gets Booted from Instagram Live for Doing Too Damn Much and Black Twitter Ain't Havin' It

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As anyone who’s tuned into Tory Lanez’s “Quarantine Radio” can attest, the “Say It” singer lives a wild life.


While I have yet to partake in this X-rated phenomenon, the wildly-popular Instagram Live series provides all matters of entertainment: from candid heart-to-hearts with your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper to beautiful women committing crimes against humanity with gummy bears and glasses of milk—allegedly.

But after overstepping his bounds one time too many, Instagram has shut the entire operation down, at least temporarily. And as to be expected, fans of the Grammy-nominated artist are less than pleased. In taking particular umbrage, one-time rival Royce da 5’9” aired out Instagram for its failure to appreciate the value that artists of Lanez’s caliber bring to its platform.

“How dare you. All the content we’ve been giving to this platform?” he posted in defense of Lanez. “We need our own whole damn ecosystem, this shit all twisted around..”

So what made Instagram finally decide to pull the plug on Lanez? In speaking with The Shade Room, IG CEO Adam Mosseri explained his decision.


“Quarantine Radio is great,” he began. “But you can’t have nudity on Instagram. That’s part of our community guidelines, it’s part of the rules, and we can’t make exceptions.”

He continued, “We have to stick to the rules otherwise why do we have them? But generally, big fan of Tory Lanez, big fan of Quarantine Radio. I hope it comes back soon, but no nudity! We can’t have that.”


As to be expected, Lanez offered his own response shortly after.

“EVERYBODY HASHTAG #FreeTory SO I CAN GET OUT OF HERE MAN !!!!” he captioned a picture of himself behind bars. “lmao Instagram stop hating.”


And as for Black Twitter, they aren’t particularly pleased with Instagram’s decision either.


There’s no word on if Instagram is considering easing up on Lanez’s temporary ban, but one thing is for sure: there are thousands of people with April 14—the day the ban is lifted—circled on their calendars.


Let freedom ring.

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I side with IG on this one. The streams were slowly starting to become lite sex shows that were attracting the worst of IG (fame hungry girls trying to come up).