#FreeRodneyReed Family Members, Supporters (Including Kim Kardashian West) Demand Justice for Death Row Inmate Weeks Before Execution

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Kim Kardashian West for the people!

Family, friends and supporters of Rodney Reedincluding the social media and reality TV superstarwant justice, and they are making their voices heard far and wide about what is considered a miscarriage of justice, by some, including Kim Kardashian West.


On Saturday, nearly a hundred supporters rallied outside of the state office building in Austin, Texas to ask for Reed to be freed after 20 years of imprisonment for the sexual assault and murder of Stacey Stites, CBS Austin reported.

In 1998, an all-white jury found Reed (who is black) guilty of sexually assaulting and murdering the 19-year-old white woman, sentencing him to death.

21 years later, he is due to be executed on Nov. 20.

According to the Innocence Project, the two were romantically involved, although Stites was engaged to be married to local police officer Jimmy Fennellwho witnesses now say confessed to having “to kill my [n-word]-loving fiancée.”

Reed’s legal team filed for an application for clemency on Oct. 30.


Reed supporters are pleading for a much deeper investigation into the murderand possible corruption—and for Governor Greg Abbott to spare his life weeks before he is scheduled to meet his maker at the hands of the Texas state workers.

Kardashian West took to social media to openly ask the lawmaker to “do the right thing.”


The buxom beauty also shared the Statesman newspaper’s report about Fennell with her 62.2 million followers.


“There’s so much evidence out there, there’s so much doubt out there, and it just blows my mind that they can sit back, and let us sit in this state of uncertainty,” said Reed’s brother Rodrick Reed during the rally. “That’s torture.”


On Wednesday, ABC News’ Deborah Roberts conducted a jailhouse interview where the inmate said he hoped “that the right people look at this case in the right way.”

“Justice has not been had for Rodney or Stacy, and we are gonna continue to fight on up until the end. I will never stop. No matter which way this goes, my fight will continue,” his brother said. “I will see that Rodney Reed is exonerated, one way or the other.”


“Grant us a new trial. We’re not asking for anything special. We’re just asking for what’s right,” he said. “We’re just asking for what’s fair, and that’s all we want – so our family can be whole again.”


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But as the white judge once said, it doesn’t matter if we know hes innocent. It only matters if the trial was legal.