Free Smoke: Mom Invites 'Any Mom, Any Sister' to 'Catch These Hands' After Daughter Is Bullied at School

Christian Tinsley
Christian Tinsley
Screenshot: KCAL 9 Video

Here’s a long list of people you should never fuck with:

1. Black mothers.

2. Their kids.

Unfortunately, some students at Niguel Hills Middle School in Orange County, Calif., decided to do exactly that and almost lost life and limb in the process. Because when Christian Tinsley found out her daughter was being bullied and sexually harassed by her classmates, she removed her earrings and decided a public service announcement was in order.

“If y’all bully my daughter, if y’all look at her the wrong way, if you breathe the wrong way, send your moms to me,” she told the class in a video uploaded to YouTube. “Sisters, aunts, anybody over 18, I’ll fuck them all up. Do you understand me?”


But with the Spirit of Vengeance coursing through her body she didn’t stop there.

“Leave my daughter alone. I’m not gonna say it again [...] Any mom, any sister can catch these hands, okay?” she added. “Ass whoopings. Ass whoopings! For free. For free! You don’t even have to pay for it!”

Then to reiterate her point, since she was fresh out of Valentine’s Day cards, she was even kind enough to pass out these “Free Ass Kicking” vouchers.

For free!

ABC 7 reports that the Capistrano Unified School District has banned Tinsley from campus as they investigate her bullying claims, but she insists there’s a method to her madness: she was left with no other choice. On Tuesday, while dropping her daughter off at school, her daughter began crying and begged to stay in the car.


“She made a comment to me that if she wasn’t as strong as she was, she would have killed herself,” Tinsley told KCAL 9. “That’s when Mama Bear mode went into effect.”

Tinsley claims her daughter has been targeted by racist, sexist and derogatory badgering since the beginning of the school year. And while school administrators have intervened, they haven’t done nearly enough.


“Kids are committing suicide every day because they’re getting bullied, I don’t want that for my daughter. So what do I do when my daughter says she’s afraid to go to school?” Tinsley said. “They can really affect other people and make this a hostile learning environment. Everyone deserves to be able to come to school every day and feel safe.”

Tinsley’s concerns are valid. Bullying has become a major issue at schools, leading some students to complete suicide and others to commit unspeakable violence.


No word yet on if any of the parents have redeemed their “Free Ass Kicking” vouchers.


In the interim, I’m sure Tinsley is brushing up on her Muay Thai.


kidelo (all of Fox News is vaccinated)

Straight up: I went to the front door of my son’s bully’s house and read his fat ass and his cross-eyed cousin true facts plus threatened to press charges. Yes they were only eight BUT they broke skin on my child and that could. not. stand.

When their cracker uncle called my house and asked me what right I had to do that I told him to expect an invoice charging him for parenting his stupid kids, and what were they doing home alone anyway?

I fired up my PC and used that old Quicken invoicing program and sent that man an invoice.