The Rev. Al Sharpton
The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

The exemplary leadership and heroism of the late Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth inspired a generation of leaders who will hopefully continue to carry the torch in the fight against inequities and injustices, the Rev. Al Sharpton blogs at Huffington Post Black Voices.

In life, there are some people that simply speak of progress, and then there are the select few that not only practice what they preach, but truly sacrifice personal gain and dedicate their entire being to the cause of justice. The late Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth was one of those rare remarkable beings who not only suffered physical and emotional attacks by those who stood opposed to equality, but he was a man who greatly inspired an entire movement for change. And now, the next generation of thinkers, activists, artists, attorneys, educators, advocates and all those pushing for advancement can once again look to the life of Rev. Shuttlesworth as they continue the good fight.


This week, members of Congress took the floor and delivered speeches upon speeches as they commemorated the life and legacy of Rev. Shuttlesworth. Upon news of his passing, President Obama stated in part: "He (Shuttlesworth) was a testament to the strength of the human spirit. And today we stand on his shoulders, and the shoulders of all those who marched and sat and lifted their voices to help perfect our union … America owes Rev. Shuttlesworth a debt of gratitude."

Read the Rev. Al Sharpton's entire blog entry at Huffington Post Black Voices. 

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