Frank Ocean

Chipotle may have won some big bucks … but the restaurant chain also garnered singer Frank Ocean’s irritation along with it.

According to TMZ, Ocean coughed up $212,500 after the company sued him, but he didn’t exactly do it graciously, posting a photo of the check on Tumblr with the memo "F—k off" scrawled on it.


The entertainment site said that a representative for Chipotle gave a candid "Thanks, Frank" when the company learned of their upcoming fortune.

Last week Chipotle sued the rapper after he refused to record a remake of “Pure Imagination” for one of its ads because Ocean did not want the company’s logo to be in the company’s ad.

TMZ reported that the chain got an email from Ocean’s representatives saying that he was promised a final say over the recording and promotional materials. The communication also said that the company had breached the $425,000 contract when it stuck to keeping the logo in its own ad. Chipotle then sued, demanding to get back the $212,500 advance that it had paid Ocean.


According to TMZ, Chipotle hasn’t received the physical check yet.

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