Four US troops and two civilians were killed in a roadside bomb today in the country's southern region. More civilian deaths were recorded in the ghazni region on Friday as well. From CNN:

n Ghazni province Friday, a woman and a school-age girl were killed in crossfire during a raid by security forces against militants, according to NATO's International Security Assistance Force.

Such civilian deaths during the Afghan war have heightened grass-roots anger against international and Afghan forces, and those forces have worked to stop such fatalities.

"Afghanistan continues to be a dangerous place, and we are genuinely sorry when any Afghan civilians are killed," said Col. Wayne Shanks, a spokesman for ISAF. "Our operational planning tries to prevent any casualties, but our enemy continues to engage our forces without regard for any Afghan civilians in the area.

"However, I believe our partnership with the Afghan forces conducting patrols such as this will bring more security to this area and prevent more innocent Afghans from being killed or injured."

The Buzz does not see this Afghan situation turning out well.