Forming a Q: AM Edition

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Chris Brown and Rihanna got in a physical altercation. There have been varying points of view on how to classify what took place. The pondering of a friend got The Buzz wondering about the culture of violence in Black America.


A friend opined that a physical altercation between a white man and white woman is perceived differently than that of a Black man and a Black woman; that a white woman in the situation is more likely to be considered battered because of our the widely-held 'damsel in distress' syndrome' coupled with the fact "a white woman won't try to defend herself." A dust-up between a Black man and Black woman is more likely to be considered a fight because, the thinking goes, a Black women are extremely "tough" and will defend herself. This type of thinking clearly speaks to the perceptions of women, particularly those of color, with respect to the opposite sex and here's the question The Buzz wants to toss out in two parts:

Is there a cross-cultural difference between battery and a fight? Is there a tacit approval of violence between men and women in Black America?

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