Former Running Back Jamal Lewis’ Super Bowl Ring Auctioned

The Super Bowl ring that was auctioned

A Super Bowl XLVII ring that the Baltimore Ravens’ Stephen Bisciotti gave to former running back Jamal Lewis was sold off in an auction Sunday morning, ESPN reports.

The ring, from the Ravens’ 2013 win against the San Francisco 49ers, which Lewis did not participate in, was one of those given out to former Ravens superstars who were welcomed into the team’s ring of honor in 2012, the sports site notes.


“Jamal is one of the all-time Ravens greats,” said Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions. “This ring was hotly contested and we saw a lot of interest from Ravens fans.”

Hotly contested indeed. The ring—made out of 10-karat white gold with 3.75 carats’ worth of diamonds—was sold to a Maryland collector for $50,820, according to ESPN.

Lewis filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after being retired for three years. He was drafted in 2000 and played with the Ravens until 2006. The ring was co-signed to the auction by the pawnshop that Lewis sold the ring to.

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