Former Olympic Runner Antonio Pettigrew Found Dead

Pettigrew, Alvin and Calvin Harrison and Michael Johnson Celebrate Olympic Gold Gold in 2000

It has been a tough day for North Carolina. Former Olympic star Antonio Pettigrew was found dead in Chatham County. Pettigrew's body was found in the back seat of his car, which was parked close to a bridge. Chatham County sheriff Maj. Gary Blankenship says the car was locked, and there was evidence that the 42-year-old had taken sleeping pills. Authorities are not sure if the death is accidental or an overdose. Pettigrew was stripped of his 2000 Sydney Gold medal in the 4x400 relay because he later admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. Pettigrew's wife reported him missing on Monday. A sad ending to a storied life.

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—Nsenga K. Burton


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