Former NYC High School Educator Found Guilty of Raping Student

William Abreu

A former Brooklyn, N.Y., assistant principal was found guilty Monday of raping a recently graduated student back in 2009, the New York Post reports.

William Abreu, 47, faces up to four years in prison for the rape of the then 17-year-old student, who had recently graduated from the school.

According to the report, the unidentified victim, who is now 24, flew in from Honduras to testify against Abreu, the former vice principal at Progress High School. The victim told jurors that Abreu approached her on graduation day to offer her a summer job.

He raped her on his office couch, threatening to call immigration if she fought, the woman testified.

"If you don't allow me to touch you, I will have to call Immigration," Abreu told the girl, according to DNAinfo New York.

He also stole $1,500 from the girl's mother, falsely promising to get an immigration lawyer for her, investigators said.


Abreu was fired in November 2013 after the allegations came to light.

“This defendant was an assistant principal who violated the trust of a vulnerable teenager when he coerced her to engage in an unwanted sex act using her immigration status as leverage,” Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson said in a statement, according to the Post.


He then sent the girl to another school employee, Juan Martinez. Martinez, who has "serious health issues," pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges and received 10 years' probation.

Abreu's sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 29.

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