Forgive Absentee Dad, but Don't Be a Fool

Clutch magazine
Clutch magazine

At Clutch magazine, Janelle Harris explains why it didn't make sense for her to rush to see her father in the hospital. For one thing, she'd never met him.


Last year, the father I’ve never met checked into the hospital for minor surgery. There’s no guarantee that whoever goes under the cloak of anesthesia will come out safely, minor surgery or not, so I imagine it raised the concerns of the people who actually know and love him. In an effort to rally the legions of children he’s left his genetic footprint on, my oldest half-sister — bless her heart — sent me a Facebook message asking me if I would come to see him during his brief stay, either before or following his procedure …

Needless to say, my long-lost sister was disappointed that I decided not to show up at my father’s bedside and pat and congratulate him for … I’m not quite sure what. My presence would’ve done nothing to help along his recovery, that’s for sure. Double that for my smart alecky comments and ever-present sarcasm. He’s forgiven as far as I’m concerned. But if he wants his pardon accessorized with a hug and a meaningful smile, he’ll be waiting.

Read Janelle Harris' entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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