For Grown Women Who Don’t Wear Lingerie but Decided to Buy Some Because Their Lover Is Into It

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I have a confession to make: I am a grown woman who is very much into her sexuality, her looks and her feminine side—but I have never bought lingerie for myself.


It’s not as if I have an aversion to it; I have never been into it, and I just don’t wear it. I have a collection of cute pajama sets that is out of this world, and I am very into that, but I never caught on to the whole sexy-lingerie wave.

Not long ago, Mr. Big asked me if I had any sexy lingerie. He told me that lingerie and high heels were his thing. After I rolled my eyes so hard I had to chase them across the room, I explained to him that I wasn’t into lingerie. Furthermore, high heels have never been my ministry because I can’t walk in them. I look like a clumsy calf.

He let it go that day but brought it up again more recently. I again explained that I don’t wear heels or lingerie. He seemed puzzled, and I almost got irritated, but I caught myself.

He didn’t make a direct request, but I felt that I could make this one concession for him because lingerie is not that far of a leap from cute pajamas—and if I could find some pieces that were a good middle ground, even better, right?

I drew the line at heels, though. If God/Jesus/the Lord/Jehovah/Yahweh wanted me to wear them, they would have made me able to walk in them without breaking a limb, a hip and possibly my neck.


I know there are people who are going to say, “But why buy lingerie just to please a man?” And for those people, I have a rebuttal: There is nothing wrong with doing things to please your lover, and mixing it up to give things a little variety is always a good thing.

For the entire 48 hours that we were in Vegas, this man didn’t say no to anything I asked for, not even when I said I wanted to walk around the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace looking for things to spend money on. He still hasn’t stopped saying no.


On top of that, I told y’all about the way this man stares at me. He tells me over and over again how much he is into me, my brain, my looks and my body. Imagine the response I will get when I wrap all of these things that he already likes so much into a sexy outfit that is likely to make his dick hard on the spot.


Yeah, I think I can do that.

I know. I’m getting soft in my old age, but I am also learning a lot about compromise. I used to be very spoiled and very selfish in relationships, and I wouldn’t budge on anything.


These days, I’m learning that bending a little makes you flexible, and flexibility is the key to not breaking in a relationship.

So I went on the Lane Bryant website and started digging through their lingerie section. I didn’t know my chemise from my teddy when I started, but by the end, I’d found two sets that I think he will approve of, and I bought them both.


One is a cute lace teddy with a matching short robe, and the other is a silky chemise with a long, matching robe.

I bought them knowing that once he sees me in them, they won’t be on much longer anyway—but the look on his face (and the hardness of his dick) will make it all worth it.


Besides, they are cute enough that I will wear them for myself even when he’s not around, and that is the added benefit.

They fit well in my already established pajama collection.

Date No. 2 is next Friday.

I already know how at least the first night of it ends.

Stay tuned.



The great thing about wearing heels for sex is you never actually have to walk in them...and they can help with height disparities for standing sex positions!