Food Network: Paula Deen Is Out

Paula Deen (Food Network)
Paula Deen (Food Network)

One day you're innocently fantasizing out loud about re-creating slavery, and the next you're just longing for the days before you had to make awkward, forced-looking, clenched-fist apology videos — and before you lost your job. That seems to be Paula Deen's story this week.

Apparently the racist remarks she admitted making — unique not because they were offensive to black people, or because they involved the n-word, but because they were so ridiculously unsubtle and unapologetic in their bigotry — weren't just fodder for some of the best jokes we've heard in a while. They were also enough to cost Deen her TV gig.

In what couldn't have been a very tough call, the Food Network has decided not to renew Deen's contract, the Chicago Tribune reports. It was going to expire in nine days, anyway. But that's plenty of time for her to get started on that plan to "learn and grow" that she suddenly got into when she suddenly realized that racial slurs and a plantation-themed wedding might be "hurtful."


Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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