Jared Cano, 17, planned to bomb Freedom High School. (Google)

Peter Fulham of Slate is reporting that Florida police said on Tuesday that they had foiled a potentially "catastrophic" mass-murder plot by an expelled student in a Tampa school district. Police arrested the suspect, Jared Cano, 17, after receiving a tip from a Florida resident about a possible plan by Cano to set off explosives at Freedom High School on the first day of school, CNN reports. A search found that Cano had outlined a plan to kill two students and two principals. Authorities also found materials including timing devices that could be used to build a bomb with "catastrophic" results.

We're glad that someone had the courage to notify the Florida police so that they could get a handle on Cano and this potentially devastating situation. How bad could it be that you want to blow up your school? This child clearly needs a mental-shealth program in addition to jail time.


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