The internet became abuzz when a US Airways jetliner began its descent into the water. But people's fears were quickly put to rest. From The New York Times reporting, it seems as if a miracle occured on the Hudson River. But, according to Newsweek, the National Transportation Safety Board refuses to speculate about what happened.

Like most Americans, you were probably at the office when you heard the news. The US Airways Airbus lost power in both engines and began plunging into the Hudson River. For a moment, all inauguration-centered commotion stopped. In her blog, Tell Me More host Michele Martin discusses going into mommy-mode when she heard about the crisis. But in this moment of collective pause, a hero emerged — a great American hero, according to Politik Ditto. Pilot Chesley B. Sullenberger III, who made the command decision for a water landing. The Daily Beast, on the other hand, says some props should go to the plane. The Buzz is just glad to hear that all of the passengers are alive and well.