Flava Flav Pitches Reality Show About Chicken Joint


It looks as if there is no limit to Flava Flav's buffoonery. Just when we were hoping that he would start rocking the mic instead of rocking the reality-show boat again, EURweb is reporting that Flava Flav has pitched a reality show centering on his new chicken joint in Iowa. Flav says that "the show will feel something like Happy Days and give audiences the opportunity to see what it's like running a franchise." If this show goes forward, then Flav's reality show about returning to high school to finish his diploma will be put on hold. According to Flav, television executives "jumped on" the idea of filming the day-to-day happenings at the chicken joint.

You think? There is definitely an audience for watching a buffoon stumble through the management of a restaurant — see Nene Leakes and Latoya Jackson on Celebrity Apprentice. Watching someone struggle with managing a restaurant seems interesting enough (Hell's Kitchen), but somehow we're pretty sure that this show would be more about shucking and jiving than meeting payroll, which Flava Flav is already reported to have messed up.

As of late, Flava Flav's "consciousness" has lapsed greatly, so we're not buying that he's going to do something good with this show. In an episode of Amos 'n Andy, Flava Flav's predecessor Algonquin J. Calhoun once asked Kingfish, "Do you think I is crooked enough! Do you think I is spineless enough?" to take a $20 bill. Sadly, we think Flava Flav is spineless enough to continue to make himself and ostensibly black people look ridiculous in reality television — all for the mighty dollar.

Read more at EURweb.

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