Lontaisha Sharquay Durham (Palm Beach County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office)

Being an Uber driver nowadays is tough. Just ask one driver in Palm Beach, Fla., who was robbed and blinded when she was sprayed with pepper spray.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the 29-year-old unidentified driver picked up Lontaisha Sharquay Durham, 21, and a friend on April 4 in Delray Beach. After the driver got to Durham’s destination, the driver was attacked, sprayed with pepper spray and robbed.


Days later, on April 7, police apprehended Durham blocks from the incident, and when cops searched her, they said they found an empty can of pepper spray. Durham was already out on $18,000 bond on a previous robbery incident, authorities say.

Durham is currently being held at the Palm Beach County Jail.

Read more at the Palm Beach Post.

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