Fla. Man Whose Confederate Flag Was Stolen Unable to Identify Suspect: ‘They All Look the Same to Me’

Dejerrian Dequan Murray allegedly swiping a Confederate flag from a Florida home
YouTube screenshot

Police have arrested a suspected thief who was reportedly involved in the tearing down of a Confederate flag at a Bradenton, Fla., residence in July.

Police reportedly learned about the theft after a video was posted to the Facebook page of Jamari Williams. Robin Eaker, the reported owner of the flag, didn’t initially report the theft, but after it was broadcast on the news, he decided to contact the police about it. The flag is said to be valued at about $100.


According to the Smoking Gun, Eaker looked through Williams’ and his friends’ Facebook pages but couldn’t figure out who the actual culprit was. “They all look the same to me,” Eaker reportedly said.

After an anonymous tip to the Crime Stoppers hotline, police officers were provided with information about 24-year-old Dejerrian Dequan Murray, who was arrested last week for misdemeanor theft in the July 11 incident. He was freed on a $2,000 bond, TSG notes. When investigators went to a possible address for Murray, a relative reportedly said, “I already know why you guys are here. It’s because my cousin took that flag.”

As for Eaker, he is rather disappointed that Murray faces only theft charges; he was hoping that there would be a hate crime charge, too.

Read more at the Smoking Gun.

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