Fla. Man Convicted in Racially Motivated Murder Gets a New Trial

Jacob Dougan
Florida Department of Corrections

Jacob Dougan was convicted for the 1974 racially motivated murder of Stephen Orlando, 18, in Jacksonville, Fla., over four decades ago and is now going to receive a new trial, CBS News reports.

Police said that Dougan was one of many who were part of a group called the Black Liberation Army. Apparently, group members went out looking for a white person to kill in order to protest racial inequality.


According to CBS News, Orlando was found dead at a trash dump with multiple stab wounds and gunshot wounds to the head. Later on, his mother and several media outlets received recordings describing how Orlando had begged for his life. Dougan admitted to making the recordings but reportedly testified that he did not kill Orlando.

Dougan is now getting a new trial after the state's highest court agreed that there were problems with his first trial, including false testimony from the sole eyewitness.


Read more at CBS News.

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