Fla. Day Care Director Arrested After Caught on Tape Slamming Toddler to Ground

Kimberly Marie Reid 
Lake County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office 
Kimberly Marie Reid 
Lake County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office 

A Florida day care director was taken into police custody after she was caught on cellphone footage hitting a child with stuffed animals and slamming him to the ground, the New York Daily News reports


According to the report, it was nap time at the Children's Palace Learning Center in Clermont when Kimberly Marie Reid was seen swinging the stuffed toys wildly at the 4-year-old boy before ultimately picking him up by his arms and legs and throwing him back to the ground. A co-worker secretly recorded the abuse. 

Reid was arrested Jan. 29 after that co-worker turned over the footage to the Department of Children and Families, which then passed it on to police. 

A child-protective-services investigator told Clermont police that the attacks had been going on for at least three weeks.

Reid reportedly at first denied the allegations of abuse, telling police that the video is "not what it appears to be" and that she was only playing rough with the child. Nonetheless, authorities were not buying it and charged the 41-year-old with two counts of child abuse. She is currently being held on $3,000 bail, and since her arrest no children have returned to the center. 

The owner of the facility has agreed to shut down the day care immediately. 

According to the Daily News, this is not Reid's first run-in with the law; she is reportedly already on probation for two counts of welfare fraud, grand theft and organized-theft charges. 

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