Fla. Couple Orders Containers From Amazon, Gets 65 Pounds of Weed, Too

WFTV screenshot
WFTV screenshot

They say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but one Florida couple may be forgiven for doing so because this pungent present wasn’t really for them anyway.


Last month, an unidentified Amazon.com customer and her fiance ordered four plastic storage bins but were shocked to find 65 pounds of Mary Jane inside the containers (marijuana, that is).

The Orlando, Fla., pair said that they immediately smelled something amiss—you know that package had to be loud.


“[The bins] were extremely heavy, heavier than you would think from ordering four empty bins. … When the first officer got here, she was in disbelief,” the customer said.

She also said that they were so afraid that someone would come and retrieve the weed, they didn’t sleep at their home for a few days.

Orlando police seized the drugs, but Amazon had nothing for the customer and her fiance.

After reportedly going back and forth with the company for a month (the couple say they just wanted an apology), the pair eventually received a $150 gift card with a message saying, “I am unable to do anything else at this time,” the International Business Times reports.


“There was no concern for a customer’s safety. I mean, this could have turned into a worst-case scenario,” the customer said.

Amazon.com responded in a statement that it is working with local law enforcement to investigate the exact cause of the mistaken marijuana shipment.


So far, no arrests have been made.

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Mad Dog Brut

This article is missing some key information. For instance, what brand were the containers? What was the name of the seller? Who can I contact to get in touch with them?