Five Perfectly Practical Reasons Why Y'all Need To Stop Inviting Every Random-Ass White Person To The Cookout


Invariably, as the controversy over Bill Maher's house nigga continues to persist, a peripheral conversation about Maher's mythical cookout-invitee status has occurred. According to some of y'all—and by "some of y'all" I really mean "some of y'all"—Maher has done enough in his career to warrant enough of a benefit of the doubt to still score an invitation. Which is a strain of discussion that has always bothered me. Because y'all niggas are doing it wrong! Have you ever been to a fucking cookout? The goal should be to invite less people to them, not more. The perfect cookout is 20 people. Any more than that aint a cookout. It's a Wu album. And if I'm making the invitations, I have no problem dis-inviting white niggas who believe they're allowed to say nigga. Or people emailing me the day of about bringing some plus-one they met on NSBE Tinder. Or Kappas acting all kappaily and shit. Or people who regularly respond to texts with "lol" instead of "ha!" when the conversations clearly call for a "ha!" I will disinvite the fuck out of you, and I will sing "Hold My Liquor" while doing it. Why? Well, here's five great reasons.


1. More people means more people bringing random casseroles and feckless meats

Again, why chance inviting extra White people when that increases the probability of E. coli?

2. More people means lighter take home plates

My take home plate needs to be some heavy shit that I'll need to carry and caress with two hands — basically, my take-home plate needs to be able to work in an Atlanta strip club — so why would your bitch-ass invite a nigga-truther and weaken our take home reparations?

3. Inviting more quasi-problematic White people to the cookout means we can't play our usual rounds of "Guess What This White Motherfucker At Work Did" Yahtzee!

An always underrated benefit of disinviting White people

4. More people means less places to sit

So now I gonna stand and try to cut this steak on a wind table because your bitch-ass needed to invite Katy Perry?


5. Long-ass second plate wait times

Cookout and communal eating etiquette usually dictates that you must wait until everyone has received plate one before you go for seconds. Which is annoying, but reasonable and acceptable. But all that reason and acceptability dissipates if I gotta wait for Darth Becky's getting-niggas-arrested-for-nothing ass to fill her plate before I'm allowed to grab another handful of baked beans.


Do not put Darth Becky between me and my baked beans.

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB, a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, and the author of What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker (Ecco/HarperCollins)



Afternoon yall…
Yall have the best advise…so I need some more:
So I think I told yall I'm on a dating site…and have gone thru my fair share of cats from the trifling to the hotep. Now there was one dude, one of the first cats I talked to on the site, and we exchanged numbers, he seemed sane, and we arranged a date to meet at Starbucks. He calls me to tell me he's late and if I could meet him at his mother's house because she had a flat tire or transmission went out…something car related. I told him that I was SURE his mother was a nice woman but NO lmao. We agreed to meet another day. Next time, again at Starbucks, and it was a 15 min meet and he was rushing me out to do something. So from there I deaded him…deleted his contacted, new phone who dis situation.

So he'd hit me up on the dating site. I ignore him…he's dead to me right? He hits me up on my phone, who dis? He tells me I block him and ignore him. NOW this kneegrow done found me on Instagram and is following me there!! Like son what part of me ignoring you and blocking you do you NOT understand. Should I be worried? Or just block him and be about my business?

TIA yall :)