Five Haitian-American Teenagers Die From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Hotel

Five Haitian-American teens were found dead in a Florida hotel room, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning. The teens had rented the room to celebrate Juchen Martial's 19th birthday. While celebrating, they left the car, which had been cutting off throughout the day, idling in the private one-car garage located beneath the hotel room. The Miami Herald newspaper quoted a friend of the boys as saying that they had left the car, a red Kia Optima, running because the engine had died earlier that evening and they were worried it would not start again. The boys ranged in age from 16 to 19. A maid discovered the bodies of the boys and notified police. The police said there was no evidence of drugs or alcohol, just bags of half-eaten McDonald's food. All were first- or second-generation Haitian Americans from the Little Haiti neighborhood in Miami. A celebration turns into tragedy. How sad for the boys and their families.

Read more at AFP.


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