Five Common Facebook Villains And How To Defeat Them


The Internet in general is a dark and twisted place. Insidious ads disguise themselves as slideshow articles, faux “x’s” float around the periphery of browser windows waiting to ensnare your computer with a virus, and YouTube comments can make any sane Black person consider if they should pack up their things and get the Garvey-ing back to the motherland. But, what makes Facebook villains so insidious is that they are the distilled, purified, non-anonymous versions of all the Internet fuckery that pollutes our Earth. These people are why comments sit in moderation. These people are why full-page advertisements block entire blog posts.


Remember when Agent Smith got out of the Matrix and into dude with the beard? This is like that but in reverse.

That guy blaring DMX out of his coat jacket on a crowded bus? He just jacked into the matrix and you know him.

Like any good hero, you want to redeem the misguided. You knew them before they fell into the bottomless abyss of the dark side. But beware of the turned. They lack either couth, self-awareness, or have completely depleted their reservoir of fucks.

Anyway, here's five of the most common Facebook Villains, and how to defeat them.

1. Auntie Adventure

This woman became a villain by accident, like Mr. Freeze or Al Sharpton. Prior to social media, she was a mother, a sister, an aunt, but now she’s an uncomfortably vocal Scandal fan. Social media has transformed this mild mannered woman into a bizzaro She-Hulk. Without a functioning understanding of Twitter, she posts on Facebook with wanton abandon; destroying the mental peace of her children by sharing tasteless memes and announcing that despite his ain’t shitness, “R. Kelly is still fine.” Emboldened by friends in her age group who also have never learned any sort of social media etiquette, Aunt Adventure will bombard you with every thought that no one asked for.


Suggestion: Hide from feed.  Feign ignorance of activities when met in real life.

2. Harvey Hotep

This brother found God. But, not the same God you’ve been kicking it with since ’87. Only he can send DM’s to God’s verified account, and he will let you know it. He will also let you know that he only eats what he grows from the great mother Earth.


Did you know if you fast for one day a week for seven years, you would have not eaten for an entire year, over that span?  He knew that shit. Did the math himself with a bamboo abacus.

Also, women, remember, you are queens, so get ready for a life of regal subservience, and a house that reeks of various oils.


Suggestion: Comment on a post. Get him to acknowledge that African Americans are primarily from West Africa not Egypt. Cognitive dissonance will cause him to block you/ take a break from social networking.

3. Overtly Sexual Shauna

I’m sure you’ve seen Sugar Shack by Ernie Barnes hanging on your grandmother’s living room wall, but you might not have seen Disgustingly Explicit Sexual Act in the Style of Ernie Barnes by French artist, Some Pervert on Shauna’s wall. This woman is living embodiment of a porn comment. Her existence is both confounding and unnecessary.  Attempting to shape her online persona in the mold of Rihanna. Shauna gives no fucks; but you certainly do.


Suggestion: Set up a search filter for the term “Yoni Flower.” O.S.S.‘s posts will no longer appear.

4. Confused-ass Chris

This man did not play the Scarecrow in The Wiz. Nevertheless, like a festering undead zombie, Confused-Ass Chris stumbles through your feed searching for content to fill the gaping void he calls a mind. Is LeBron leaving the Cavs to join the Monstars? Is J. Cole the new hip-hop face of LA Gear? Did the feds charge Bill Cosby because he wanted to buy NBC?


All dumb ass questions that no person in their right mind would post on the Internet. But Confused-Chris has neither a right mind nor a left one.

Suggestion: Help the Confused-Ass Chris in your life. One comment a day can prevent this po’ child from sharing Langton Hughes quotes with Will Smith’s face on them.


5. White Girl From High School

Remember, how quiet and shy Kristen was in high school? Now, she hates niggers.

Suggestion: Report. Unfriend. Shake head in disappointment. Consider that Kirsten did dry snitch on you that time for not handing in that math assignment. Reconsider disappointment. Re-examine her page full of Fox News articles, #alllivesmatter posts, and blind support of police despite rampant brutality. Get up from desk, enter kitchen. Grab thermos. Return to desk. Plug USB into laptop. Place other end of USB in thermos. Download White tears into thermos. Dip Oreo cookie inside. Guzzle White tears until thermos is empty and shirt is damp. Sit contented.


Remember people ain’t shit, but they will further reveal their ain’t shitness if they can avoid your grasp in the underwater swamp lair of social media. If you want to maintain your sanity, take heed. Confront the dangerous, assuage the simple, and craft a Facebook feed outside of the matrix.

Brandon is washed under 30. He programs short docs at the Brooklyn Film Festival, has a podcast, and eats good charcuterie.



Harvey Hotep

Man this dude be tryin convince his timeline they were duped all the time yet I know damn well he hasn't done research on ANYTHING. This is all while posting each of Umar Johnson, Boyce Watkins, Tommy Sotomayor 's latest videos. I'll take my chances with my homeboy Jesus and you can follow that dude that told you you were a king and we'll see how it works out for each of us.

Anytime someone says "sorry for your lost" I try to fit in "grain assault" or "self of steam" on their page.